Hot cutting tools

Handset for short-time operation
• Suitable for cutting and fusing the ends of synthetic fabrics.
• For use with small quantities.
• Heating time of the cutting edges approx. 6-8 sec.

Table-top for continuous operation
• Smallest tool for continuous operation with fixed cutting edge.
• For quick and clean cutting as well as welding.
• Working range 30 mm


ILME Modular-System MIXO

Fits all standard enclosures, easy frame mounting, plug-in compatible!

• Large portfolio with 76 different modules, 5 frame sizes, 20 enclosure variations
• Signal modules up to 42 poles and high-current modules up to 300 A
• Bus modules RJ45, Megabit, USB, LWL, D-Sub, Coax, HDMI
• High-voltage modules up to 5 kV, pneumatic modules up to 10 bar with plastic and metal contacts
• Crimp contacts, screw contacts or NEW: quick-connect AXYR
• Contacts silver-plated, gold-plated, FeKo or for high mating cycles


Warning signs for electrical engineering

• Warning labels triangular or multilingual
• Electrical conductor labels
• Reusable imprinted labels
• Prohibition and mandatory signs
• Cable inspection labels and handy hole punch
• Temperature measuring strips


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